This is the second year that Row by Row Experience has decided to expand its event by offering
Row by Row Junior for children ages 6-14. Only certain quilt shops are participating in this, and
yes, we are one of them!
This is a great opportunity to take the little ones with you to explore different quilt shops and collect free
patterns! There are several RxR Junior patterns. Each shop chooses 1 (or more!) of these patterns to create
kits. We chose the guitar and music text as our free pattern options. These patterns are great for children of
all skills sets. Whether they already know how to sew, or just want to learn, the instructions are simplified
and kid-friendly.
Row by Row Junior starts on June 21, the same as Row by Row Experience. Junior is different, however,
in that patterns may be collected until October 31, 2018. Same rules apply - 1 pattern per child. A child
must be present in order to receive a free Junior pattern, but kits can be purchased by anyone.
More information for Row by Row Junior can be found
Find and explore beautiful quilt shops as you travel the world!
Different row sizes have been added this year
and we've decided to use something new: 18" x
18" squares. Here are pictures of our official
"Feel the Beat" row. The mixture of colorful and
vibrant fabrics contrasting with a simple
background is our way of portraying the energy
within music. This pattern comes together very
quickly. Two colorways are available for the kit:
purple/blue and orange/turquoise. Choose the one
that mesh's with your quilt vision or pick up both
to build on a larger scale!
We're excited to announce that it's our 5th year of participating in Row by Row.This now
world-wide event has many participating shops coast to coast throughout the United States
and Canada. This year's theme is
Sew Musical. Grab a group of friends for a summer road
trip to collect rows from participating shops & earn some free prizes along the way!
FEEL THE BEAT Kit: $10.98 each
For more information,
check out
Row by Row
Experience or the
Delaware/New Jersey

Facebook page
We used a "Big Music" row (above) to
create a pillow sham (below).
RxR Junior Kits: $9.98 each
-Big Music
-Piano Keys
Kits also available for the pillow sham
and piano key bag.
12" x 27"
12" x 27"
12" x 27"
12" x 27"
With just a few
different steps, the
piano key pattern
can be turned into a
great bag. Kits
available in store.We
used black and
white treble clef
fabric as lining to
continue our sew
musical theme.
Other fun music-themed kits available:

-Clef Flower Collage Block - $19.98
-Boombox Block
(coming soon!)
18" x 18"