Exquisite printing, beautiful colors and design, lovely theme - Dance of the
Dragonfly has all the makings of a fabric classic. The printing on these prints
is truly extraordinary: take a look at the very fine gold accents - so difficult
to achieve! Dragonflies flit among the waterlilies, or fly in a night sky filled
with stars. The collection includes a closeup of intricate dragonfly wings, an
abstract water stripe and a unique geo print created by dragonflies wing to
wing.  In two luscious colorways: blue/green and gold/purple.
This year, Row by Row Experience has decided to expand its
event by offering Row by Row Junior for children ages 6-14.
Only certain quilt shops are participating in this, and yes, we
are one of them!
This is a great opportunity to take the little ones with you to explore
different quilt shops and collect free patterns! There are 5 RxR
Junior patterns. Each shop chooses 1 (or more!) of these patterns
to create kits. We chose the arrows, sneakers, and big wheels as
our free pattern options. These patterns are great for children of all
skills sets. Whether they already know how to sew, or just want to
learn, the instructions are simplified and kid-friendly.
Dates are the same (June 21-Sept 5). Same rules apply - 1 pattern
per child. A child must be present in order to receive a free Junior
pattern, but kits can be purchased by anyone.
for any of the  3 rows below: $9.98 each
Our row features a mixture of vintage inspired fabrics and patterns that will leave you longing for the open
road! This pattern will inspire you to venture out of your comfort zone as you navigate through various
quilting techniques (piecing, paper piecing, and applique).
Where ever the road ahead of you lies...
it's all about the journey!
either the
purple or blue colorway:

Price: $ 23.98
(includes backing)
KITS AVAILABLE: $19.98 each
42" x 58"
91.5" x 91.5"
Alphabet Book
Colors Book
27" x 44" panel
Kits available for both quilt styles.
Quilt kit available!
Festive cardinals, delicately outlined in gold metallic, holly
leaves, sprinkled with gold - Jackie's A Festive Season is a truly
rich celebration of the season. Exquisite printing and vibrant
colors are the hallmarks of this collection. With two panels
colorways to choose from, and a scrumptous assortment of
coordinating textures, A Festive Season is sure to become a
classic choice for holiday quilting and decorating.
Flannel and snow. The perfect match! The
delightful palette from Shelly Comiskey is a winter
winner. Snowmen, skates, mittens and hats are
tossed in snow. A lead panel of a cheerful snowman
sets the pace with the blues, grays, and neutral
browns. The soft snow icons, and splatter dots for
texture give this life long after the holiday season
for those who love winter.
Mermaid Dreams is for that little girl that
dreams of mermaids and all things under the
sea! Contains sweet mermaids, sea turtles,
and coral pieces. The pretty lavender and
soft aqua colors are accompanied with just
enough pink. The 24 inch panel works well
for the center of a twin bed. Just add